Clairvoyant Readings

The most well known words to describe the senses mediums use to connect to the spirits are ‘clairvoyance’, ‘clairaudience’ and ‘clairsentience’.

The term Clairvoyance derives from the French, literally meaning ‘clear vision’, and Clairvoyant readers are able to see those that aren’t here physically, including animals, people or objects or places that hold a special meaning. These images come to the reader in the mind’s eye, and the reader in then able to relay and describe what they have seen to the client.



The ability to hear spirits is called Clairaudience, literally meaning ‘clear hearing’. The Clairaudient reader is able to relay the thoughts or voices of the spirits that they hear.

Other mediums are able to sense the feelings of the spirits wishing to communicate, and this is called Clairsentience, meaning ‘clear feeling’. The clairsentient reader will feel exactly what the spirit feels, and is able to pass the message on.

We have handpicked all of our readers, not only for their abilities, but for their compassion and empathy , to ensure that we provide the best clairvoyant readings in Ireland.