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Sakshi Ram


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I am a natural gifted medium/clairvoyant. My gift has been inherited from my ancestors who were all gifted. I use the tarot cards to help me and my spirit guides to connect naturally into my readings. I speak English, Hindi & Gujarati.

What do you like most about giving readings to clients?

I like to guide my readers to enable to visualize their future with a positive outcome.

How are you typical of your star sign?

I'm dreamy: a typical piscean, and float away in a world of my own. Being the 12th sign in the zodiac, I am true to my sun sign. I use my intuition and look at the bigger picture. As a Pisces, I am very sensitive towards anyone I meet. I can easily draw into their emotional well being.

When did you first become aware of your gift?

Since I was young I have experienced premonitions and as I got older and had readings for myself, I kept getting told I had psychic abilities. I bought myself a set of tarot cards and had some training by a well known psychic reader & started reading for family & friends. I gave a friend's brother a reading who was quite distressed about his life after a long term relationship broke down - he had moved away and I predicted that he would move back home and would meet a lovely girl, get married and have 2 boys. The boys are now 7 and 10.

What is your most memorable experience with a client?

My most memorable reading was where a lady had called me for a general reading. She mentioned nothing about losing her son. As I did the reading I got visions of a little boy playing football in a red t-shirt. She told me that was her son of 11 years old who had died about 6 months ago- he wanted me to let her know not to worry about him - he said get that new washing machine & told me to tell his mum that she was being lazy and she should pursue her career in hairdressing. I felt honoured that I was able to help this lady & her family.

What other experiences or qualifications do you have that you feel compliment your work as a reader?

My natural ability to connect to spirit has sometimes surprised me & the people I have read for too many times.

What is the most important thing for a person to consider when they decide to have a psychic reading?

I feel it important that the person asking for the reading focus on the answers they are looking for (love, career, etc) and does not disclose too many details prior to the reading.

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Sakshi is a calm reader and clear in her expression of what is current and yet to come. A very lovely energy and she was highly accurate regarding my current circumstances and people involved; no questions asked as I focused on a general reading. I had my reading on 6 January 2021, thank you Sakshi for the reading.

Sakshi is soo accurate she tells the truth not what you want to hear she a lovely lady the best in ps

Sorry I didn’t get to say bye before we cut yesterday. Glad we got to speak as my phone just broke. Have a good Christmas xxx

I have been having readings with Sakshi since 2016 she has always been accurate very nice lady I had a reading last week and u said i would see my friend before Christmas I did seen him yesterday also I would get my money end of this week which I have. I will ring in new year blessings & love R.

Just read the testimonial below. Thank you for your wise sensible advice as well and just being a brilliant sounding board. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything. Sorry the phone got cut, ran out of credit but you know i'll call again lol Mxxxx

Sakshi is the best reader on the ps very accurate and honest lovely lady I had many reading with sakshi Thanks sakshi pls call this women you wouldn’t waste your money or time she doesn’t sugar coat

Absolutely amazing reading, as a fellow reader I learnt so much more from sakshi She helped me understand certain situations and how to to protect myself Definitely will be back Sakshi look forward to many more readings

I started talking to Sakshi around the beginning of 2018 after a break up from a long term partner, since then my life felt like it spiralled out of control in every way. My personal life, my family life and my career and friendships. Sakshi has been there to advise me honestly and give me hope in some really lonely and dark times. Sakshi always encouraged me to keep pursuing my dreams because she saw it there for me. Here I am, after 7 years, Sakshi I scored higher than ever in my latest exam and I am waiting for the universities to invite me for interviews. Thank you for your patience, support, encouragement, honesty and above all the hope you’ve given me to get through the tough times when I felt so alone. If you want a truthful reader with integrity and immense skill Sakshi is your girl. But be ready to hear the truth in a nice way :) x

This lovely lady is very accurate and her connection is soo strong her predication came all true I rate this 10 out 10 you are not going to waste your money she always helped me with the problems I have been through she s very geniun and kind and lovely lady I will call her again lots of love sakshi and thank you for guiding I can see light coming through the tunnel I never thought it will happen but you I have to wait and be patient and it’s happening xx

Thank you as always. X