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Tarot and Oracle Cards, Numerology, Koshi Bells and Angelic Healing, Crystals

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Rosemary pin 4275

Tarot and Oracle Cards, Numerology, Koshi Bells and Angelic Healing, Crystals



Rosemary's Profile

Hello, I'm Rosemary – card reader, healer and crystal therapist. Life can be demanding at times but a problem shared really is a problem halved, so I'm here for you now and I’m very happy to listen.

I am also a word-crafter so perhaps you’d enjoy an email reading? Just remember to ask for me when you submit your question. I will be guided in my prompt reply to you by spirit, as I work at the speed of my guardian angel's flight.

What do you like most about giving readings to clients?

I just love helping people, but I do truly enjoy working with my cards, bells, crystals and angels. What an adventure every reading is, as we work together, calling upon not only the infinite knowledge of the Universe but our innate inner wisdom.

How would you say you are typical of your star sign?

I am a typical Cancerian. I'm caring and compassionate, patient, understanding and non-judgemental. I am most at home in my garden.

When do you remember being first aware of your gift?

I have always been very empathic to others but healing and cards came to me later in life, and what a joy that is proving to be.

What is your most memorable experience with a client?

My best memory was at a psychic fair. My client who had just beaten cancer asked me to draw her an angel card to close her very encouraging consultation. We drew ‘A New Dawn’ and she burst into tears of joy. What a wonderful moment that was. As she left she said 'you're rather good at this aren't you'. I don't know about that, but I really felt we had been there for each other on that day.

What other experiences or qualifications do you have that you feel compliment your work as a reader?

I like helping people. I'm friendly and open-minded. My maturity and life experience is a great help. I have been a teacher and brought up a family. I also draw upon the Buddhist attitude of compassion and understanding to guide me. I have a sound understanding of spiritual laws. I read tarot and oracle cards but healing plays an important part in my work. I work with koshi bells and am a qualified angelic healer. My knowledge of colour therapy, numerology, crystals and chakras is usefully added when relevant.

What is the most important thing for a person to consider when they decide to have a psychic reading?

Have faith that your chosen reader is exactly right for what you need now, and be open to insights not only during the reading but catching up with you afterwards too. Trust, believe and enjoy your reading as we work together in a compassionate and comfortable way.


Rosemary's Testimonials

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Rosemary is such a lovely reader who can really help getting to grips with issues and situations. I enjoy my readings with her, such good detailed information and guidance would definitely recommend x

01-02-2018 wonderful reading with Rosemary - I was empowered and uplifted and and she picked up on my situation and the answer to my problems before she even laid a card out!! I can highly recommend xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Extremely fantastic tarot/colour cards to show where I’m going and what I will become - really enjoyed the understanding of it all - thanks again - 25/11/17 - R

Rosemary is a warm and talented reader. Her voice is so calming unlike others I have encountered and she oozes sincerity. I was so pleased that she was chosen to read for me today as she has clarified a sad and difficult family situation. Not only that but she has given me hope and encouragement for the future. A great and insightful reading with so much detail. Thanks, Rosemary

Loved it - full of kind words and a fantastic deck and moving forward with changes being imminent- thanks again - 03.07.17

What a lovely lady. Had a fantastic, uplifting reading today and Rosemary was so knowledgeable and really knows her cards. Thank you xx

Thank you rosemary for a spot on reading, you have confirmed what i was saying and thinking. i will always remember i am the seagull he is the shark.

Thank you once again, Rosemary, for another outstanding reading, advice and guidance! I always request Rosemary to do my readings and I feel as though, although we have never met in person, she is my guardian angel. Happy Christmas to Rosemary and all at Psychic Sofa. xxx

Wow! Another amazing reading from the lovely Rosemary. Spot on as usual about the character of the person I was asking about! Added to this, Rosemary predicted I would buy another house before Christmas and I have. Everyone needs a Rosemary in their lives! Thank you Rosemary, don't know what I'd do without you! xxx

I tend to have quite a full life, so often have many questions I need answers or guidance about and Rosemary is the one person I always turn to. She is not only a gentle and kind soul, she is practical and doesn't go all round the houses when answering a question. A skill not many own. I feel as though Rosemary and I are on an adventure in my life and I'm always thrilled with her readings. Thank you Rosemary!! xxx